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Sweet Solitaires

Did you know…the Hershey’s bar and the diamond solitaire engagement ring became all the rage in America at about the same time? Both are definitely simplicity at its best.

Simplicity in its finest form is one of the hardest things to create, ask anyone who has ever tried to draw a circle.
The beauty of a diamond solitaire is in its smallest details; the line of the mounting, how the diamond is held, the brilliance of the stone and the way it arches from the finger.
There are many elements that play into each individual ring. In western countries white metal is the number one choice, in eastern countries gold still regins supreme. Princess or square cut diamonds are very popular with American brides and have the advantage of being the one cut of diamond that wastes the least rough crystal. At Jewelry By Design we prefer radiant cut or Asscher cut stones because cut corners go through life better than sharp corners. Round brilliants are preferable for that reason as well and they have the added advantage of being the stone shape with the most brilliance.
A round brilliant diamond set in a platinum solitaire is a timeless classic.
A hundred years ago this ring would have been a family treasure and a hundred years from now not only will it be a classic but it will be one of the only things to endure.
So what is there to decide when chosing the perfect soliatire? What metal would best suite the bride, what shape and size diamond would she treasure, how tall she would like the diamond to sit above the finger, how wide the band should be and if a chocolate would make it any sweeter. . .
Diamond solitaires…and chocolate for that matter, can always be found at Jewelry By Design.