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Meet Erica Voetsch Creator of Unique Handmade Jewelry Designs

Crystalline Amethyst RingYou may have guessed that Erica is our daughter. Some of you have met her and some of you know a bit about her jewelry designs. She has been working with us for years now in many aspects of the business.

We’d like to share an update on her work and upcoming show.

Erica Voetsch is founder of Majendie Jewelry which we are now happily featuring in our store and online. Currently she is working on her jewelry designs for this year’s West 18th Street Fashion Show (June 13).  This will the sixth time she has participated in this show. She will be accessorizing for birdie’s Panties and Swim Boutique.

Please have a look at this talented artist’s jewelry and follow her on Instagram at majendiejewelry. And in case you didn’t see, don’t miss this fabulous post by Jori Sackin.