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How do I clean my ring

How do I clean my ring?

It’s always good to ask a professional first to be certain of safely cleaning your pieces. We are happy to discuss this with you or do it for you. We recommend having your fine jewelry inspected by a professional every six months (just like the dentist).

For a quick home cleaning on gold & platinum jewelry, combine warm water with a splash of lemon ammonia in a small bowl or jar. Place your items into the solution for a few minutes (no pearls, turquoise, coral or other porous gems please). Remove and rinse very well under running water being certain the drain is covered. Use an old toothbrush to lightly remove the residue that collects underneath the stones, and in nooks and crannies too.

Sterling silver can be shined up with a rouge cloth quite easily. Some liquid silver cleaners are not the best choice for jewelry.

Before you clean any jewelry, learn the correct technique first!