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Designer Philip Voetsch

“Those of us who are artisans know we must always create. We have no choice.  We take the elements and energy around us and transform them into expressions of our life and times.  A place where a thought cuts a gemstone, a hammer sets it into gold and a woman puts it on her body, the jewel becomes part of her light, her energy, and her emotions. Jewelry may well be the very first artistic expression of human beings. Stringing shells or animal teeth to symbolize a victorious hunt or connecting one to the Great Provider, the desire is universal and crosses all cultural and geographical boundaries, marking the time of a special occasion. These are symbols of honor, gratitude, and love, which we pass on to the next generation after we are gone.”
-Philip Voetsch
Philip Voetsch has been a truly inspiring designer for over 30 years, and has sold work in over 100 jewelry stores and department stores throughout the United States. He, and his wife and partner Tamara Voetsch, have been working in the jewelry business together since 1983.  They opened Jewelry By Design in 1994 to showcase Philip’s work. He won first place in The World Gold Council’s Intergold ’88, an international award for excellence in gold jewelry design. Philip teaches CAD/CAM at the University of Kansas Metals Department. Read more about ALL of us on Our Blog.


Our Mission

“We are artisans committed to creating beauty in our world through our medium of fine jewelry.  We came together many years ago, inspired by a shared vision.  It has been a journey of learning, passion, successes, frustrations, and occasionally pure joy; a journey with everyone’s creative forces blending into the jewelry studio we enjoy today.  We share our passion with you and hope you feel some of our energy within each piece.  Know that the jewelry piece you have chosen is created by artists who are committed to improving the craft and pushing the boundaries of design.”