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Sapphire & Ruby Engagement Rings

Long before Catherine Middleton received the most famous sapphire ring in the world, corundum, commonly known as sapphire and ruby has been a classic option for engagement rings.

Corundum comes in a rainbow of colors, sapphire comprising every color but the truest red which is known as ruby. Because these stones are the second hardest to diamond, they are particularly good for a ring which should last a lifetime.
Engagement rings should be personal and for the girl who wants something classic with a unique twist, corundum offers a vast choice. One of the most unique wedding sets we ever created at Jewerly By Design featured a matched set of olive green sapphires, one for each partner.
Yellow sapphires have also been a popular choice, the color of sunshine or the deep color of gold, they have risen in popularity in recent years. White sapphires are now diamond cut to bring out their brilliance, for couples who are looking for a diamond alternative, sapphires are ideal. In the last few years we have created many custom rings with multi-stones in all sapphire usually featuring one of the many colored sapphires with white sapphire accents.

red-orange sapphire ring

From a sentimental point of view, blue sapphire are “true blue” and symbolize loyalty; rubies are the color of love itself, who can think of Valentine’s day or the heart without seeing red?
There have been many famous corundum engagement rings through the years. Prince Andrew presented his fiancee with a ruby engagement ring, as did Keith Richards. Princess Diana helped to select her famous ring and American Royalty, Elizabeth Taylor also received a cabochon cut sapphire engagement ring.
Corundum provides a whole palette of possibilities to create a uniquely beautiful engagement ring. We have been featuring rubies and sapphires in our Surfer Stripe line for the last year, any of our solitaires are a great compliment to the color of corundum.