Mokume Gane Money Clip, Wood Grain Pattern

$ 299.00

What is Mokume-gane?
Mokume-gane (or mokume) means in Japanese “wood grained metal.” Mokume is a class of metals made with two or more layers manipulated to create a decorative visual effect.

Hand crafted money clip in mokume gane, no two are exactly the same.
Money clip measure approximately 2″ x 3/4″
Immediate delivery is available on this piece.

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Mokume-gane uses the colors in different metals to create a pattern. The metals are then layered by using pressure.  They are bonded together by the exact temperature that will allow the layers to merge without melting. This new “stack” of layers becomes one, which is known as a billet.  The billet is then carved and hammered, then rolled out in order to create the piece the artist wants to create.

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