Buy Your 18k White Gold Window Pane Earrings Today!

$ 699.00

Light and bright 18k white gold Window Pane earrings are show stoppers! They are among the most comfortable earrings you will ever wear.  Locking wires keep these safely on your ears when you’re dancing the night away or running to catch a flight. The high polished finish reflects light around your face making you the center of attention. Drop these in your cart now and enjoy your new Window Panes tomorrow! Available in Yellow Gold too

47 mm overall length
Style 5160



18k white gold Window Pane earrings  Interior reflection is explored using light, color and geometry. Philip started working with this idea in 1978 with new additions continuing to this day. This is the collection for which Philip Voetsch is most recognized among his peers and fans. Great for everyday wear.

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