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The Ultimate Blue Gemstone, Sapphire


Sapphire has been beloved for centuries as the ultimate blue gemstone. The ancient Persian rulers believed that the earth rested on a giant sapphire and its reflection colored the heavens blue. In Latin, Sapphirus means blue. All gemstones are minerals formed in the earth when elements combine with heat and/or pressure and develop crystals. Only a very small percentage of…

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The Comparison: Black Diamond vs Black Spinel


Black, mysterious and opaque. Adding an element of reflection makes these gems more beautiful. Recently we have used black spinels in several pieces and have also had several customers request black diamond jewelry which has raised an interesting question in the studio. When black is called for, which is better, black spinel or black diamond? Diamonds are classic, if they…

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Mokume-Gane, an ancient metalsmithing technique brought to present day

mokume gane pendant money clip

Mokume which translated means “wood grained”, and gane which translated means “metals” is a metalsmithing technique created around 300 years ago in Japan. First used as adornment for the swords of the Samurai, this unique art has found its way back into modern jewelry.   Mokume-gane uses the colors in different metals to create a pattern. The metals are layered…

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Emerald Green Is Not Just For May This Year

emerald diamond yellow gold jewelry earrings three stone ring wedding engagement ring

Emerald green is reflected every year in the lush burst of spring showing itself as the color of rejuvenation and possibility. This color has been prized for centuries and is one of the four colors found in the “precious gems” recognized the world over. Every year Pantone, the leader of color communication in design, selects a color for the year.…

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Diamond Week Celebration

DIAMOND WEEK CELEBRATION Get yourself to Jewelry By Design March 11-16 In celebration of OUR anniversary we’ve made special pricing arrangements on loose diamonds and we’re sharing our good deal with YOU. To sweeten the deal, all diamond earrings, necklaces and bracelets are marked down this week as well. YOU COULD WIN A FREE CUSTOM CAD DESIGN (Computer Aided Design)…

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Rubellite Tourmaline, October’s stone


Rubellite comes from the Latin word “rubellus” meaning reddish, and while tourmaline comes in many colors only the finest of the pink color are called rubellite. Pink tourmaline is one of the traditional birthstones for October and the stone used to commemorate the 8th wedding anniversary. Continue reading

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Rare yellow tourmaline and blue diamond pendant

Rare yellow tourmaline and blue diamond pendant

Throughout the years, Phil has collected stones that inspire him, stones that have unique allure. Sometimes it takes years for them to tell their tale in a piece of jewelry. This rare yellow tourmaline cabochon is one such stone. Tourmaline has always been found in a rainbow of colors but the yellows were not true, in the past they usually…

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Five Tips for Keeping Your Jewelry in Tip-Top Shape


1. It’s important to have your jewelry professionally inspected at least twice a year.
Our experienced jewelers professionally clean and inspect your jewelry under high magnification. We‘ll advise you of the condition of your pieces, and any signs of wear including broken or cracked prongs, loose stones etc. Continue reading

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Discovered in 1803, this noble metal was not widely used in jewelry until Platinum was taken from the hands of jewelers to be used as a strategic metal in World War II. Palladium at that time was mostly used as an alloy with gold to make white gold. Continue reading

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Ruby vs. Red Spinel

Ruby vs Red Spinel

Recently a client came to us to design a remarkable engagement ring. Something classic, durable, with spectacular color that was affordable….with a red center stone surrounded by diamonds. Continue reading

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Sweet Solitaires


Did you know…the Hershey’s bar and the diamond solitaire engagement ring became all the rage in America at about the same time? Both are definitely simplicity at its best. Continue reading

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