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Emerald Green Is Not Just For May This Year

Emerald green is reflected every year in the lush burst of spring showing itself as the color of rejuvenation and possibility. This color has been prized for centuries and is one of the four colors found in the “precious gems” recognized the world over.

Every year Pantone, the leader of color communication in design, selects a color for the year. This color is used as a focus throughout the design world. It will find its way through the International marketplace in design from fashion to architecture and plastics to household objects. For all those color nerds out there, as I am one, emerald green is Pantone #17-5641

Emerald & Diamond Mother's ring.

Emerald & Diamond Mother’s ring.

Emerald green is a classic, a true “jewel tone”. It is a vivid, rich green which has no rival when found in the very rare gem that is saturated in color and more importantly lacking inclusions. Emeralds can vary in color and vary in size but most gems are hindered by their crystal structure. Fissures run through the majority of these beauties which can add a depth to their color but take away from their transparency and their durability. Emeralds can vary in color from bright grass green to bluish green but their main hue is always green. In fact “Emerald” comes from the Latin “smaragdus” which basically means “green gem”.
18k Gold Green Tourmaline Drop Earrings

18k Gold Green Tourmaline Drop Earrings

Lovers of this color can find tourmaline a vast green field of possibilities. While emeralds can be plagued with durability issues due to the inclusions that are so common in most stones, green tourmaline may be similar in hardness but they are much more durable going through life. A wider variety of shapes are also available in this green gem due to its accessibility in larger crystals with cleaner clarity. Green tourmaline has green hues galore, the green possibilities are endless from yellow green to blue green and from light to dark, the most sought after color is of course emerald green. The green that comes from trace elements of chromium, also found in Emeralds.

A smaller, more focused green can be found in tsavorite garnet. A relative newcomer, tsavorites were first mined in the late 1960’s and launch into the jewelry world by Tiffany & Co. The finest tsavorites can rival emerald in color and have the added advantages of rarely being enhanced by treatment and generally being free of inclusions. Generally being found in smaller sizes, tsavorites over 2-3 carats are very rare. While slight variations in color are found, intense, vivid green are the most prized.

18k Gold Tsavorite Garnet & Tanzanite Ring

18k Gold Tsavorite Garnet & Tanzanite Ring

Pantone hit the mark with this “jewel tone” which has celebrated May birthdays for generations. 2013 is the year of emerald green whether you find it in an emerald or that various other gemstones that are prized for this color.