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Custom Jewelry Design

Custom Jewelry Design is our specialty.  We have been making jewelry for over thirty years. We know how to do custom.

And we make it easy for YOU to have an eco friendly bespoke piece.  We’re experts at taking an idea and turning it into a three dimensional, wearable piece that you’ll enjoy forever. We want you to be thrilled with your new piece! We’ll walk you through a step by step process that we have honed to make it fun.

Custom jewelry design isn’t merely adding a new setting to a ring, or changing the shape of the center stone. Custom Jewelry Design is creating something out of nothing.  Transforming the elements and energy around us into expressions of our life and times.

We listen to you.
It’s important to us that you are happy with the end result. That only happens if your thoughts are heard and incorporated into the design. We will give you professional advice along the way to ensure your piece is fabulous. We won’t let you make a design mistake.

Philip Tamara Voetsch

Experience Counts

Philip Voetsch has been a truly inspiring designer for over 40 years, and has sold work in over 100 jewelry stores and department stores throughout the United States. He, and his wife and partner Tamara Voetsch, have been working in the jewelry business together since 1983.  They opened Jewelry By Design in 1994 to showcase Philip’s work.



Carrie Zara Awan began her career with JBD in 1997 after completing her BFA in Design at the University of Kansas. Her love of fashion and details in design have made her  a master at creating beautiful designs and many one of a kind custom pieces for clients, as well as her own collections. Read More About Carrie Here.



Kent Haub is a master of metals, stone setting and is our Guru in all matters of jewelry or otherwise. He has been making JBD customer’s dreams come true via his talented hands, eyes and spirit. Taking your idea and making it into your vision starts with good design. But to turn it into an actual piece of wearable, lasting jewelry takes the skilled hands of a master goldsmith.


We have simplified the custom jewelry design process for you with our system developed over years of working one-on-one with clients, designing and making personal pieces. Whether you are looking for a one of a kind gift for a loved one, or creating the rings you are going to use to celebrate your marriage, we will help you realize your vision. We have the expertise, the know-how, and we care about your jewelry.

We invite you to contact us and explore the options for wedding and bridal jewelry, custom jewelry, and one of a kind fine jewelry items made to order in our Kansas City Jewelry Studio.



Appraisals are complimentary with every purchase of Philip Voetsch fine jewelry. We also offer estate and insurance appraisal services by a Graduate Gemologist.

If you haven’t updated your appraisals in the last five years, you probably should. The rising prices of the metals market and increases in gemstones could make your coverage lacking in replacement costs.

Metal Buying

Jewelers may well have been the first recyclers. Gold has always retained its value and is no different today, even more so now that prices have risen so much. We buy gold and recycle gold. We also buy platinum and diamonds. Bring your unworn, broken or unwanted jewelry into the store and we’ll give you an estimate of it’s value.

Jewelry Repair & Cleaning

We recommend having your jewelry professionally inspected at least twice a year to keep it in good order (just like your dentist!). We’ll inspect and then clean your piece to keep it as brilliant as the day it was purchased.

Repairs are an important part of keeping your fine jewelry in the best possible condition.  Just like a car requires maintenance, so does your fine jewelry. Come in and we’ll give your pieces a professional inspection under magnification. We can then determine if it requires repair, and what repairs are needed.  (Sorry, no costume jewelry repairs).

Jewelry Engraving

We are happy to engrave any bridal jewelry, or custom ring made at Jewelry By Design at no charge.  We can engrave charms and inside rings for a small set up fee.  We do not have the equipment to engrave vases, picture frames etc.