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Earth Day and Eco Friendly Jewelry Design

Diamond Sun Pendant 18k gold

“We are artisans committed to creating beauty in our world through our medium of fine jewelry.”  –Philip Voetsch Our world is important to us! April 22 is Earth Day, a day for us to celebrate and share our focus of creating beautiful jewelry, while working with diamonds, gemstones, and metals that will do no harm to planet earth and its inhabitants. The beauty…

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Now Is A Good Time To Buy Platinum Jewelry

Platinum prices are lower than they’ve been for years, making it more affordable than ever to purchase platinum jewelry. Price per ounce is less than gold! Scroll Down for Tips To Care For Platinum Jewelry     Benefits of Platinum Platinum prongs offer better protection for diamonds, which is why the world’s most significant diamonds, from the Hope Diamond to the…

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5 Fun Facts About Gold

5 Fun Facts About Gold

We get so many questions about the differences between the colors of gold, that we thought we’d share a few general fun facts about gold with you. If you want more view our other blog posts and go a little deeper. 1. What makes white gold white and rose gold red?  The gold is alloyed with palladium, zinc or nickel to make it…

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Discovered in 1803, this noble metal was not widely used in jewelry until Platinum was taken from the hands of jewelers to be used as a strategic metal in World War II. Palladium at that time was mostly used as an alloy with gold to make white gold. Continue reading

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of course we buy gold…we’re goldsmiths

Loose gold for sale

We buy gold not only to give value to our clients as a service but because we use it everyday. We make an effort to be an environmentally friendly studio. We have committed ourselves to reducing our environmental footprint and one way of doing that is using recycled metals. Continue reading

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