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Cultured Pearl Round Table 2017

Betty Sue King, The Pearl Goddess, inaugurated King’s Ransom in 1979. After 14 years of classroom teaching she left the profession and created her wholesale business. Renowned for having pearls that extend the boundaries of opulence, she travels overseas several times a year to source her remarkable collection. Betty Sue King, was honored with the Women’s Jewelry Association 2017 award for…

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Modern Anniversary Gemstones

This is a fun tradition to start with your beloved! You can research ideas all year for clever ways to give a gemstone. Maybe you start with the rough crystal form and create a collection of specimens that represent your lives together. Our website has options for  most of         these gemstones too. We love to help…

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Earth Day and Eco Friendly Jewelry Design

Diamond Sun Pendant 18k gold

“We are artisans committed to creating beauty in our world through our medium of fine jewelry.”  –Philip Voetsch Our world is important to us! April 22 is Earth Day, a day for us to celebrate and share our focus of creating beautiful jewelry, while working with diamonds, gemstones, and metals that will do no harm to planet earth and its inhabitants. The beauty…

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The 4 C’s of Diamonds

rough diamond crystals

The 4 C’s of Diamonds 1. CLARITY   Clarity grades assess the number, size, relief, and position of inclusions and blemishes. Internally Flawless diamonds are extremely rare and command much higher prices per carat than gems with microscopic inclusions.   2. COLOR   The less color, the higher the grade. Even the slightest hint can make a dramatic difference in…

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The Brazilians Are Coming! And we couldn’t be more excited…

Brazilian gemstones

Our friends of over 26 years are coming to town with their fabulous collection of Brazilian gemstones for one day only. The Fernandes family has been going into the mines of their home country for over fifty years. They hand select the rough stones that the father, Jose will cut by hand.  An amazing selection of scintillating gems of all shapes…

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